Do you Rage or Shut Down and Put Up Walls


Communication is the topic of the day… and no I don’t mean texting, tweeting, trolling Grindr or inviting someone to play Candy Crush.  I am talking about the way we interact with family and loved ones. Many of the ways in which we communicate with the people in our lives today stem from the methods used in the household we grew up in. Maybe you find yourself being passive aggressive or not speaking up even when you feel strongly about something. To understand why we act or react the way we do we have to look to our past.  Continue reading…

Can’t Be Troubled to Work on Self Esteem


In the previous post we discussed the benefits of acknowledging your level of self esteem and where the basis of it comes from. Now, I think it the next step is to start working on it! It wouldn’t really be helpful if we were like , “You have low self esteem stemming from your childhood, too bad. Who wants a latte?”  It would probably be more helpful if some guidance followed on how to rectify the issue, right?

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Gay and Lesbian Self-Awareness


Dolphins are amazing creatures.  They are playful and loyal and they NEVER have to wax! But what sets them apart from most other animals in the kingdom is self-awareness.  If you put a dolphin in front of a mirror it will begin to recognize the image as itself.  That is a pretty incredible thing if you think about it.

As humans we too are self-aware.  Where we differ from the majestic dolphins is that our self-awareness begins to, almost immediately, become intertwined with our self-esteem.  I don’t know about you but I have never heard a dolphin ask,  “Do I look fat in this blubber?”

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