How Being Single May Create Low Self Esteem

I just watched this video from Donny Winter‘s You Tube Channel and I really enjoyed the content. I liked it so much that I wanted to share his video with you. He addresses what some of us would be too embarrassed to admit, never mind talking about openly:

  • his low self-esteem/depression stemmed from being single (not having a boyfriend)
  • daily pressure that being single was something that was not OK to be
  • to be accepted, one had to be sexual and constantly dating or looking for a partner

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The 5 steps to discover your Childhood Wounds

The 5 F#@% Steps to Discover Your Childhood Wounds

This exercise will look into your past to refresh memories of your caretakers and influential people.

 Slide 2 & 3 - A mention…

  •  This will take about 45-60 minutes if doing it with your partner.
  • There is NO wrong way of doing this exercise! Every individual has different insights and experiences.
  • Step 2 will be a guided meditation.
  • Have your partner read this mediation (or look down at the slides from time to time).

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Why is Self Esteem Even More Important for Gay People?


Self-esteem is good for you! You may think that we’re completely stupid for making such a statement. “C’mon Aleks & Tucker, get it together – you guys don’t have trouble with self esteem.”

Well, yes… It may seem like we have it all together, but we’re just like everyone else. Honestly! We used to be incredibly unhappy in our own skin, until we began working on ourselves. But, even today, we still nit pick what we’re doing wrong, where we could be if… you know, all that negative self talk. Sadly, hating yourself can make you feel terrible and look even worse. Go figure!
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The Self Esteem Test


The Self Esteem Test

We all have down days and sometimes we think that maybe we could look better or be more fun. The point is, everyone has that one thing that they wish they could change about themselves – or course some have more than others.

This test will rank how high or low your opinion of yourself is. We all know that we are our own worst critic, but maybe we are a little too critical. We hope that you enjoy the test! Continue reading…

The 5 Easy Steps to Create a Relationship Vision

The 5 Easy Steps to Create a Relationship Vision

This exercise will help you realize the potential in your relationship. 

Before You Begin – Slide 2

  • Make a commitment to work on your relationship – this will help you overcome any potential resistance to change.
  • Ask yourself: How important is creating a loving and supportive relationship? Are you willing to walk through the difficult process of self-growth?
  • This exercise is designed to educate you and your partner about each other’s needs. Sharing this information does not force you to meet those needs.
  • When you share your thoughts and feelings with each other you become emotionally vulnerable. It’s important that you use the information you gain about each other in a loving and helpful manner.

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